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Queen + Baby Box

Care for mom, so she can take care of business

A premium breastfeeding box for moms who pump at work

Boxes start at $45/month


Queen, You Got This!

Hey Mama, Are you:

  • A breastfeeding mother planning your return back to work after maternity leave

  • A working mother committed to your breastfeeding goals

  • A MomBoss who thrives in community

  • A Mama inspired by mom hacks, maternal health advocacy and beautiful products (basically, all the things!!)​

If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, then this is the subscription box that you need in your life and at your desk. 

Queen + Baby Box is made just for you!

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How it Works

You Choose

Every box comes with 4-6 high-quality products to inspire you and help you feel supported. Pick the Liquid Gold Box, a one-time gift box, a month-to-month subscription or pre-pay for 3 months or 1 year for breastfeeding Essentials delivered directly to your desk.

Packed with Care

Handled with love and care, each box includes goodies from top brands and exciting surprise gifts. You'll receive access to our exclusive subscriber community where we offer support and added value to your subscription.

Perfect Gift Delivered

#WorkingMomLife is hard. Giving Queen + Baby Box as a gift is the perfect way to treat a new mom as she transitions back to work. Everything has been tested and is Queen-approved.


Why We Exist

I'm no different than most new moms in the U.S. When I went back to work after maternity leave, my employer was not prepared and I had no place to pump. After crying alone while pumping in the bathroom one day, I decided that I would create a service for other breastfeeding moms who pump in bathrooms, storage closets, and other ridiculous places, to help them feel confident and encouraged to reach their breastfeeding goals. And so, Queen + Baby Box was born.

We're on a mission to help you feel better prepared, supported and encouraged to keep going when everything about the situation makes you want to call it quits. We dig through the clutter and deliver the best of the best in breastfeeding products, professional advice and beautiful items just for you.


What Moms are Saying

My son was 9 months when I found Queen and Baby (ironically, the exact month I gave up pumping with my first baby), and I was feeling so DONE with pumping at work. My subscription to Queen + Baby was honestly that last little bit of motivation I needed to stick to my goal and make it another 3 months.

Christa Z.

I am so in love with my box. Everything in it came right on time for my needs and saved me a trip to the store. I'm so excited to try my tea. I literally cried when I saw how stuffed the box was with useful things from nipple cream and pads to a hands free pump harness. Thank you, you thought of it all.

Luvlee J.